The Most Breathtaking Love Story Ever Told

In this explosive new musical romance based on Boris Pasternak’s 20th Century Russian masterpiece, Doctor Yurii Zhivago is a man divided against himself: on the one hand a dedicated husband, father and healer; on the other a poet, dreamer and sensualist.

Reflecting his struggle the musical swirls around him in a panoramic portrait of a nation in upheaval, and tells a story at once epic and personal, funny and heartbreaking, impetuously romantic and bitingly political.

The action sweeps breathlessly from the final glory days of Czarist Russia through the chaos and upheaval of the Russian Revolution into an unprecedented tyranny under a heartless new political regime.

This powerful and moving love story includes music by Lucy Simon, lyrics by Michael Korie and Amy Powers and book by Michael Weller.

With its lush, unforgettable melodies and suspenseful story Doctor Zhivago introduced the world to a new musical in the grand tradition.

"Doctor Zhivago is an epic, extravagant Russian romance"The Australian
"A singularly magic musical journey... a wholly new, triumphant Doctor Zhivago"Sydney Morning Herald
"10 out of 10, Spectacular"Radio 2UE
"A triumph"Sun Herald